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Chemistry Drills

These Chemistry Drill pages are designed for AP, IB, A-Level & 1st year university students trying to get to grips with the subject. Drill (quiz) topics currently include: Recognition of atoms, ions, salts, simple organic functional groups, molecular shapes, organic nomenclature, balancing chemical reaction equations, elucidation of organic molecular structures using spectroscopy and stereochemistry.

Types of Chemistry Drill The Drills Tutorials

Atoms, Ions, Acids & Salts:

Give the Symbol, Formula or Name  

Organic Functional Groups:

Common FGs
FGs in Small Molecules

Name Organic Compounds:

Common Hydrocarbons
Branched Hydrocarbons (IUPAC)
Simple Organic Molecules

Chemical Reactions:

Predict the Reactant or Product  

Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion:
Shape/Geometry of Atomic Centres

Shape or Geometry: Generics
Shape of Geometry: Real Species

Bond Angles

AXE structure: Generics
AXE structure: Real Species

Balance Chemical Equations:

GCE A-Level AS
GCE A-Level A2
Links To Drill Problems Away from the Chemistry Drill Site:

NMR, IR & MS Spectroscopy
Tutorial & Problems
by J. Philip Bays
Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame, IN

Infrared Tutorial
Infrared Problems
IR & NMR Problems
Combined Spectral Problems


Organic Structure Elucidation Workbook
by Dr Structure

NMR + IR + MS: 64 Problems  

Organic Stereochemistry Problems
by J. Philip Bays
Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame, IN

Absolute Configuration: 3D
Absolute Configuration: Fischer
Compare Fischer Projections
Compare 3D Drawings
Compare 3D & Fischer
Compounds with 2 Chiral Centers
Disubstituted Cyclohexane I
Disubstituted Cyclohexane II


Spectral Zoo by Jennifer L. Muzyka

77 NMR + IR Problems  

This meta-synthesis web site is strongly linked to The Chemical Thesaurus reaction chemistry database and the Chemogenesis web book. Send any feedback or comments to Mark R. Leach. Thanks go to The Higher Education Academy Physical Sciences Centre for funding the development of this web site in 2005-6.

Many thanks to Philip Bays of Saint Mary's College and Bradly D. Smith of the University of Notre Dame for allowing us to add links to their excellent drill sites from this page.

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